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Angela Nicholson Angela Nicholson

Why Buy Second-Hand?

When it comes to second hand gear, people often think; ‘am I doing the right thing?’, ‘will this work properly?, ‘is this the right one for me?’ and usually ‘how much am I actually saving?’ Abby Swain Mitchell, Director of CameraWorld explains what you need to know.

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Angela Nicholson Angela Nicholson

Setting up a (Landscape) Photography Workshop Company

Six years ago, I handed in my notice in my previous local government role and set up my landscape photography workshop company, I had been dreaming of doing it for 10 years, and when the chance to take redundancy came up, I decided to take the plunge.

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Angela Nicholson Angela Nicholson

Why SheClicks?

There are lots of reasons why SheClicks exists, but the most fundamental one is to support and promote female photographers at all levels. I believe that the best way I can do this is by creating a community for women who are interested in photography either as a hobby or a profession. We can help each other become better photographers and help other women develop an interest in photography. SheClicks can showcase the amazing breadth and creativity of female photography.

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Hollie Clarke Hollie Clarke

Why I Love Aperture Priority

There is one aspect of photography that fascinates me, and yet am frustrated by in equal measure. And to be fair it’s a much wider issue as well, but that’s another story entirely! So what am I talking about? People with an opinion. Or more specifically, people with an opinion who are convinced they are right, and that no other option is even worth considering.

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Hollie Clarke Hollie Clarke

Three Key Steps to Getting Off Auto

Making the decision to move away from automatic can be a daunting one. The reality is the most cameras take extremely good photographs on auto – and sometimes it’s hard to see why it’s worth making the effort to move to manual modes. But the reality is that some of those amazing shots you see – the silky water, the out of focus background, or the frozen action in sports - simply can’t be achieved on auto.

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Hollie Clarke Hollie Clarke

Getting Started with Blogging For Photographers

Have you wondered about starting a blog for your photography? Afterall it sounds like a great way of publicising your photography. Perhaps you’ve heard its good for business or it will help get your website up the rankings in Google? Here’s my beginners guide to help get you going.

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