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The story of SheClicks and the woman who started it all… 

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I’m one of the team behind Camera Jabber a website for photographers with news, reviews, tips and techniques. I started reviewing cameras and photographic kit in early 2004 and since then I’ve been Amateur Photographer’s Technical Editor and Head of Testing for Future Publishing’s extensive photography portfolio (Digital Camera, Professional Photography, NPhoto, PhotoPlus, Photography Week, Practical Photoshop, Digital Camera World and TechRadar). 

I started SheClicks for a number of reasons. For instance, I’d love to see more women at photographic events and for us to have a greater say in camera and accessory development. I’d also like to see a more even gender split in the ranks of camera manufacturer ambassadors and for women’s photography to get the appreciation, respect and credit it deserves.

The SheClicks Facebook Community

Nearly 5,000 members

1 Month

2,024 Posts


85,041 Reactions

Women supporting other women in photography

Carmen - ‘This community has a lot of talent, inspiration, practical advice, support - good vibes!’

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SheClicks was founded in August 2018 by Angela Nicholson, beginning life as a Facebook group.


The SheClicks community grew quickly, reaching 1,000 members within a month, and it’s continuing to grow as more women enjoy the support of other women who share their love of photography.

The purpose of SheClicks is to encourage and support female photographers of all levels of experience, from novices using a phone to experienced pros handling top-end kit. While the group started in the UK, the membership is now global. To find out more about the SheClicks story, click here to read my blog post. 


What People Are Saying about being a SheClicks member?


“Due to this group I’ve met some wonderful female photographers in real life. Everyone is so friendly and it feels safe here.”

— Anne

“You don't have to be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they might be stupid..”

— Elke


“Inspiration and a general aura of sisterhood and empowering each other 🙌🏻.”

— Dionne

“Very informative, positive, supportive, lovely atmosphere 👏”

— Maggie


“The positivity and lack of unpleasantness!”

— Cheryl

“That I never have to wonder if what I am about to post is 'good enough'. It's priceless.”

— Yvonne


“My favourite thing is that even though I'm new to all of this photography stuff I have so much encouragement and help with what I'm doing from this group! From experienced to newbies in photography, this group all give helpful and amazing advice 💕.”

— Heather

“The level of skill is amazing, and is pushing me forward bit by bit. As well, any time I’ve asked for advice, many of you have kindly and freely offered it. I’m so glad I found you all! 

I must add, whenever someone needed a little emotional support, that was generously given as well. Nice to be amongst women only!”

— Heidi


When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear.