Why SheClicks?

Written by Angela Nicholson

Hello and welcome to the SheClicks website. 

There are lots of reasons why SheClicks exists, but the most fundamental one is to support and promote female photographers at all levels. I believe that the best way I can do this is by creating a community for women who are interested in photography either as a hobby or a profession. We can help each other become better photographers and help other women develop an interest in photography. SheClicks can showcase the amazing breadth and creativity of female photography.

Some people question the need for a women-only group in the 21st century, and it’s a good point. However, the feedback that I’ve received during photo walks and other events has been that many women like the opportunity to shoot and chat with other women. Some have even said that they feel more comfortable asking women questions about photography.

Obviously, there are exceptions, and I’m making a generalisation, but women tend to be less confident about their photography than men. Yet in many instances, it’s incredibly creative and inspiring. 

Statistics also show that only around 15-20% of professional photographers are women. And until recently, if you opened the average photographic magazine (or any other magazine for that matter), the vast majority of images were captured by men. Photography plays a major role in the way we perceive the world and how we communicate, so I think it’s important that women’s photography is seen, whether that’s snapshots of everyday family life, major advertising campaigns or documentary images about social issues.

SheClicks Facebook Group

I first started inviting people to join the SheClicks Facebook group on 5th August 2018 and I’m amazed at how quickly the membership has grown. Facebook is a great place for conversation, sharing images and asking for advice. It’s also a convenient place to host online webinars and there’s even a mentoring system that has proved popular. However, this website makes it easier for members to access some of the key content such as past webinars and to find out about upcoming events. 

The website gallery is also a good way to showcase the group’s amazing photography, while the blog section provides a place for members to have their say.

My intention is to run the website alongside the Facebook group, each complementing the other.

Our Voice

Another aim for SheClicks is to give female photographers a louder voice within the photographic industry. Kit manufacturers and publishers want to hear from women, but they sometimes struggle to reach them. By forming a group, we’re easier to find and we can help shape photography and the development of photographic kit. That might sound like wishful thinking, but we've already seen more images by women in photographic magazines (specifically Amateur Photographer) over the last few months.

It may be that we have the same basic requirements for camera gear as men, but may be not. Would you prioritise a large aperture over a reduction in lens weight for example? And would you like a more bust-friendly backpack? It's nice to be considered/asked. 

Positive Support

I’m a positive person. I believe that there’s more to be gained from being positive than negative. And the SheClicks Facebook group is a great place to come and celebrate your successes. If you’ve taken your first photograph using manual exposure mode, made a print sale, had a shot published or you’re taking the plunge and turning professional, we want to hear about it and will cheer you on. 

Believe it or not, your success, however minor you may feel it is, can inspire others. 

But if you’ve had a bad day, we’re there too. SheClickers are great at listening, offering advice and coming up with ideas to resolve problems. 

And if you’re just starting out in photography, we want to help you capture the photographs you see in your head.

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