Why Buy Second-Hand?

Written by Abby Swain Mitchell

When it comes to second-hand gear, people often think; ‘am I doing the right thing?’, ‘will this work properly?, ‘is this the right one for me?’ and usually ‘how much am I actually saving?’

People tend to buy second-hand for one of two reasons; it’s cheaper than buying new or they want something that is no longer available new.

When buying used camera gear, you have to be careful and make sure it works properly of course. This being the case, there is no reason not to. It’s always best to buy from a reputable shop or online retailer that offers an after sales service and a guarantee. At least if something does go wrong you have a place to return it to. You may pay a bit extra than when buying from a private seller on marketplace sites such as eBay, but you have some safeguards as a result.

There is no reason not to consider a used item. If it’s a current line and in nice condition with its maker’s box/accessories, you can expect to save around 20% to 30% off the price when bought new. However, make sure you consider what extra offers are on at the time because many brands offer cash backs, which some secondhand retailers do not factor into their second-hand prices. You could be paying almost the same.

It could be that item that you want is just not available to buy new anymore. It could be a film camera that you used to own and want to get another for old times’ sake. You can often pick up bargains on 35mm film cameras and some classics from the late seventies and eighties are becoming sought after and valuable.

Do you need the latest model?

If you are just getting into DSLR photography, do you really need a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV or a Nikon D850? Is super high resolution what you need and how much video do you shoot anyway? It’s worth considering a Canon EOS 5D Mark III as an alternative to the Mark IV. It’s a full-frame 22.3Mp DSLR with superb autofocus and 6 frames per second shooting. It doesn’t shoot 4k video, but does do Full-HD which is enough for most people who aren’t that serious about video. This camera can be picked up with a fairly low shutter count and in great condition for under £1,000 versus £2,500 for the latest model.

Looking for a nice quality crop sensor camera? There are loads on the market such as Canon’s EOS 7D Mark II and EOS 80D. Nikon also has several in the range. Consider a second-hand Nikon D7200. It’s a terrific camera and you can get a body in great condition for under £550. This camera still out-performs many of its rivals and offers a 24.2 MP sensor, 3.2 inch LCD. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity so you can easily transfer your images to your phone to upload to Facebook.

Used lenses for these cameras are great value now too with offerings from Sigma, Tamron and the prime brands. There are good savings to be had on choosing a secondhand lens rather than new. With so many options, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you look at what’s available on the second-hand market.


For almost twenty years we at CameraWorld have been offering our customers the ability to trade up to the latest gear. We have always offered top prices on part exchange and have become well known for the extensive range of film cameras, lenses and accessories we sell along with all the digital equipment.

Used equipment now forms a major part of our business and there is very little we do not sell as we stock items such as 35mm slide projectors, 120 roll film medium format cameras and collectables, right up to the latest gear such as Sony A7’s and Canon EOS 5D’s and Nikon D750’s.

Buying second-hand from us is easy. Every item we take in is thoroughly cleaned and checked. If we can’t get it up to our standard, then we’ll send it away for a service or sensor clean. We supply all digital cameras with batteries and chargers as a minimum and usually supply lots more.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our used equipment and offer a comprehensive, no-quibble six-month guarantee. In the unlikely event of a fault developing, we will offer to repair, replace or refund the item – it’s up to you. If you just change your mind in the first seven days, we will take the item back no hassle!

We have a very low return rate because we buy only quality, low usage equipment which will last you for many years to come.

Our website is updated daily with new arrivals and just let us know if you’re after something we don’t have and we can let you know when it becomes available.

In conjunction with the launch of the new SHECLICKS website we’d like to offer all members a 10% discount on all used equipment. Just sign-up as a SheClicks member (it’s free) and pop over to the SheBenefits section of the members area to get the discount code.

You can also visit any of our three stores to handle the equipment personally and ask us for some advice get the discount in store or pop online and find our full catalogue. The discount is only available until the end of September so why not pop over and have a look now.

Maybe you are thinking of a trade up? Let us know what you have, and we’ll give you a competitive quote. Email us at quoteme@cameraworld.co.uk. We wont be beaten on price and all of our stock is supplied through official UK channels so have the full support of the UK manufacturers. No grey imports at CameraWorld.


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