Anila Hussain: Photography saved my life

Written by Anila Hussain

I work part-time for our emergency services in London. I’m also the youngest of four and sole carer for my 82 year old mum.

I’ve always had an eye for a photo and on my 40th birthday in the Maldives, my friend was so impressed with my point-and-shoot photos that she convinced me to pursue photography more seriously.

I'm so glad I did! I’m self-taught and I’m learning more and more every day. 

More significantly, I find my job and being a carer are immensely stressful. I don’t seem to get much ‘me time’. So photography means a huge amount to me. It can be a little downtime to be creative and I go from being lost to roaming happily in a world of my own with my Fuji camera in my hand and a new meaning to my life. My saviour.

I've a passion for photographing architecture, ballet, portraits, macro and food. If there’s anything I haven't tried, I’ll give it a shot and then I fall in love with a new aspect of photography.

Photography has saved my life, it’s saved me from falling apart and losing my mind. It’s my world away from everything related to stress. 

I will forever be grateful for my friend pushing me to pursue it. I cannot imagine how awful my life would be without it.

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